Ariel Sharon: An Intimate Portrait by Uri Dan

By Uri Dan

In 1954 reporter Uri Dan met a tender army commander named Ariel Sharon and him heavily for greater than part a century. Dan turned Sharon's depended on consultant and a witness to the defining moments of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict--from mystery conferences with heads of country to open war within the Sinai. This riveting blend of political historical past, narrative biography, interviews, and correspondence sheds new gentle at the clash within the center East and offers an intimate, definitive portrait of Ariel Sharon--a man whose existence is inextricably intertwined with Israel's future. With Hamas governing Palestine, Ariel Sharon gravely sick and the celebration he based, the Kadima, accountable for the Knesset, this booklet could not be extra well timed.

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That didn’t happen at the time. And when Golda Meir summoned you? That was in private interviews when she wanted to discuss a point with me or when I wanted to see her. I met Ben-Gurion dozens of times, as well as the defense ministers who came after him: Pinhas Lavon, Levi Eshkol, Moshe Dayan. No, there were no machinations, and no, Sadat’s proposals were not deliberately rejected. Absolutely not. You say that Moshe Dayan was a pessimist who was always worried. Was Golda Meir also prone to worry?

All around me in the sky hundreds of white blossoms were scattered. That first parachute jump was truly spectacular. On the ground the next day, our unit was holding its own in spite of the Egyptian Migs and the attack of a tank regiment. In the early evening—just six hours later—Sharon arrived at the head of his men, wearing a khaki army sun hat and his face covered with dust. He was as happy as a child. The following day at dawn, Sharon inspected the positions that we had dug out on the hills.

London wanted to settle the question of the Suez Canal, and Paris wanted to end Egyptian interference in North Africa. For us, it was the serious problem of terrorist raids launched from the Gaza Strip by the Egyptian secret services, as well as the threat of Nasser’s pan-Arabism. Ben-Gurion feared that if his allies withdrew at the last minute, it would be difficult to withdraw the battalion that had already parachuted in. Dayan, chief of staff, was concerned that our forces would penetrate too rapidly through the Sinai desert to keep control of an escape route if need be.

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