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Archery (Backyard Games) by Steven Boga

By Steven Boga

A radical creation to the heritage, apparatus, and methods of archery. comprises chosen rules of the overseas Federation of Archers.

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If your finger is still centered on the object, your right eye is dominant; if the object is aligned with your finger when the right eye is closed, the left eye is dominant. If you do most things right-handed but your left eye is dominant, you should learn to shoot a bow left-handed. By shooting on your dominant side, you can shoot with both eyes open, which lets in more light and allows for better depth perception. Besides, squinting or closing one eye shot after shot is hard work and leads to facial fatigue.

Page 7 Equipment Archery is an individual sport requiring personalized equipment. Bows and arrows are sized for specific archers, and the notion that "one size fits all" is a misconception and a potentially serious safety violation. Archery equipment is commonly referred to as tackle. The tackle required for target archery consists of a bow, matched arrows, a quiver, a shooting glove or finger tab, and an armguard. There also are other optional accessories. The Bow For thousands of years after its invention, the bow was nothing more than a stick and a piece of vine used to launch a smaller twig.

The fingers holding the bow remain relaxed. The string hand lies back along the side of the neck, fingers relaxed, free of tension. Let the arrow enter your line of sight. Don't try to find the arrow as it leaves the bow, lest you pull your head, moving your shoulders and arms and throwing the arrow off-course before it clears the arrow rest. Hold the follow-through until you hear the arrow hit the target. Concentrating on the bull's-eye will prevent flinching and peeking. It's critical that your form remain positive and consistent and not fall apart upon release.

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