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Ancient Israel: v.1: Myths and Legends (Myths & legends) by Angelo S. Rappoport

By Angelo S. Rappoport

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Conflict and Reconciliation in the Contemporary World

Clash and Reconciliation within the modern global provides a concise, unique and multi-faceted creation to the examine of contemporary clash events. utilizing 8 case- stories, from 4 continents: Yugoslavia, Israel, Northern eire, South Africa, El Salvador, Cambodia, Cyprus and Afghanistan, it comprises dialogue on: * threatened neighborhood peace and safeguard * cycles of inner discord, inhabitants displacement and violence * controversy over reasons, development and backbone * the price of exterior mediation, enforcement or intervention corresponding to sanctions or ''punishments'' * ability, timing and permanence of reconciliation

Bernadotte in Palestine, 1948: A Study in Contemporary Humanitarian Knight-Errantry

This publication issues Bernadotte, the Swedish diplomat who used to be appointed the UN mediator in Palestine in 1948 and initiated the "Bernadotte Plans". It recounts the most occasions of his existence sooner than he was once assassinated, together with the 1st and moment truces, and describes Palestine seeing that his demise.

Palestinian Youth Media and the Pedagogies of Estrangement

Via an research on how Palestinian formative years applicable low-end info and communique applied sciences (ICTs) and electronic media kinds, Sanjay Asthana and Nishan Havandjian research how sure advancements in globalization and media convergence permit youngsters to create new civic areas.

To Come to the Land: Immigration and Settlement in 16th-Century Eretz-Israel

To come back to the Land makes to be had in English an unlimited physique of study, formerly to be had in basic terms in Hebrew, at the early heritage of the land referred to now as Israel. Abraham David the following makes a speciality of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who fled the Iberian Peninsula throughout the sixteenth century, tracing the beginnings of Sephardic effect within the land of Israel.

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It was punished and its light was diminished. " 3 On the fifth day He created out of light and water the Leviathan and all the fishes in the sea. v. ' Hullin, 6ob; Genesis Rabba, 6; Midram Azad4h, ed. Buber, p. 1 The book called Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer describes the story of the creation as follows: The heavens He created from the light of His garment. He took His garment and stretched it out and the heavens extended farther and farther, until the Creator cried unto them to stop. " Be stayed," He said, " it is sufficient," and they stopped.

339. • Toldo, loc. , p. 340. 1 Sor.. h, Job. Medi- INTRODUCTION xxxi ators of the spiritual and intellectual life of distant lands and of a remote past, the Jews brought to Europe intellectual treasures and enriched medizval literature with the wealth of an apo­ cryphal and legendary lore. Hellenistic and Roman, French and German, Italian, or English culture has affected the Jews, but they, too, have influenced the peoples among whom it has been their destiny to dwell. Although not all popular tales, myths, or legends mentioned also in Jewish sources can be directly attributed to the Jews-for they may have been derived from third and earlier sources-a good many myths, legends, tales, and fables were brought to Europe by the Jews and found citizen rights in European literature.

One half is fire and the other is hail, being the two attributes of love and justice. 3 The footstool of the Creator is like unto fire and hail, and represents Justice and Love. And the foundations of the throne, round which fire is continually flashing, are righteous­ ness and justice by which He rules the world. But none of the ministering angels, neither the Chajjoth, nor the Ophanim know the place of His Glory. All stand in awe and dread, in trembling and fear. And although standing near the place of Glory, at the side of the throne, the minister­ ing angels know not the place of His Glory.

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