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Ancient and Modern Israel: An Exploration of Political by Ira Sharkansky

By Ira Sharkansky

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He was an instrument of God's warning of punishment for his wayward people, but also a messenger of God's love for his people and his willingness to give them yet another chance. Even while Jeremiah was predicting unprecedented destruction and exile, he reported that God would maintain a remnant of Jews in the Holy Land during the Babylonian exile, return the exiles to their land, and Ancient Country 51 renew the convenant, which they had broken by unlawful behaviors. E. was a political nadir about midway in the ancient history of the Jews.

Perhaps this was Cyrus's way of assuring tranquility in an empire composed of numerous ethnic groups and their godsY Like countless modern leaders, Cyrus may have intended to send different messages to different people. Political and religious faiths motivate some writers who assert their credentials as serious scholars of the biblical period. Individuals purvey a wide variety of views via their analyses of the Jews' ancient history. The period before Saul has been described as featuring an infiltration of the Promised Land by nomads, revolt by peasants and dispossessed urban dwellers seeking to establish an egalitarian society, as well as the more traditional invasion by Israelites who had left Egypt.

What did their government do? What were its policies? E. How were their policies created? What foreign governments or domestic groups had influence? F. What were the major turning points in the history of the people? , the answers to these questions are not likely to resemble those for modern countries. Ideas about peoplehood, nations, governments, and public policy were not well established. In much of the ancient world, such questions would make no sense at all. People lived simply, 28 Ancient and Modern Israel according to the practices of their family, village, or town.

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