Introduction to Identification by J. P. Norton

By J. P. Norton

This ebook supplies a world photo of the present nation of identity, from the explanations for mathematical modelling, in the course of the theoretical underpinning, to info of quite a lot of well-tried id algorithms and their program. the restrictions of current recommendations and the sensible constraints on their use are explored and illustrated by way of numerical examples. Introductions to components of present learn are incorporated in a bankruptcy on specialized subject matters.

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Nearly all the statistics that we use in criminal justice (and all those that we describe in this text) are also appropriate for interval scales if they are appropriate for ratio scales. For this reason, most statistics texts do not differentiate between the scales in practice, even if they identify how they differ in theory. We follow the same approach. For the rest of the chapter and indeed the rest of this text, we will concentrate on the differences among nominal, ordinal, and at least interval scales.

Conversely, variables measured higher on the ladder of measurement can be transformed easily into measures lower on the ladder. Take, for example, the measurement of victimization. If you decided to simply compare the types of victimization involved in a crime event, you would measure victimization using a nominal scale. You might choose the following categories: events involving loss of money or property, events including physical harm, a combination of such events, and all other events. But let us assume, for a moment, that at some time after you collected your data, a colleague suggests that it is important to distinguish not only the type of event but also the seriousness of crimes within each type.

C. Study the film from a police camera situated 5 km farther down the same stretch of road (after the end of the experimental stretch) and count how many cars do not keep a safe distance. 6 The police are planning to introduce a pilot “community relations strategy” in a particular neighborhood and want you to evaluate whether it has an effect on the willingness of citizens to report crimes to the police. There are a number of possible measures at your disposal. Assess the reliability and validity of each approach suggested below.

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