Alliances (La Roue du Temps, Tome 16) by Robert Jordan

By Robert Jordan

Egwene tente de renforcer son emprise sur le siège de l'Amyrlin et prépare son plan pour renverser Elaida et l. a. journey Blanche. En Illian, Rand al'Thor doit rassembler ses troupes contre les Seanchans et compte en grande partie sur l'aide des Ash'man. Mais le Dragon Réincarné risque de devenir fou : los angeles voix de Lews Therin résonne à nouveau dans sa tête...

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Oathsworn: The river Styx is charged with the power to render oaths inviolable, even to the gods. Oaths sworn by the Styx cannot be broken, and the Styx’s power cannot remain with an oathbreaker. If an anointed of Styx breaks an oath for any reason whatsoever, he loses all special class abilities from this prestige class. Battered but Not Broken (Ex): The anointed of Styx heals nonlethal damage at a greatly accelerated pace, healing his character level in hit points every ten minutes. Natural Armor (Su): At 1st level, the anointed of Styx receives a +1 natural armor bonus to AC.

The exception is that the lack of planar travel makes levels in horizon walker essentially useless after 5th level. Even so, five levels of horizon walker is an excellent way to build a world-class explorer and adventurer. • The loremaster is a natural fit for a Hellenic fantasy game. A loremaster might be the wise sage who counsels the heroes before they begin their epic quest, a great philosopher who also furthers the cause of science, or even an oracular figure. • The mystic theurge is a good match for a Hellenic fantasy game, at its best when used to pair a cleric class attached to a specific god with an arcane spellcasting class that complements that god’s methodology.

Of course, worshipping a titan is dangerously close to the kind of behavior that vexes the gods — but then again, so is wizardry. PRESTIGE CLASSES EXISTING PRESTIGE CLASSES 38 The prestige classes listed in the DMG can all fit into a Hellenic fantasy game, although some may take considerably more work than others to dovetail neatly with the genre. The following are a few suggestions for matching these prestige classes with archetypes that fit the mood and feel of the Bronze Age myths. • The arcane archer should probably be stripped of its elven and half-elven racial restrictions.

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