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Ajax in action by Dave Crane

By Dave Crane

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internet clients have become bored with the conventional net event. They get pissed off wasting their scroll place; they get frustrated awaiting refresh; they fight to reorient themselves on each new web page. And the record is going on. With asynchronous JavaScript and XML, referred to as "Ajax," you could supply them a greater event. as soon as clients have skilled an Ajax interface, they hate to return. Ajax is new frame of mind which could bring about a flowing and intuitive interplay with the person.

Ajax in Action is helping you enforce that thinking--it explains the right way to distribute the applying among the buyer and the server (hint: use a "nested MVC" layout) whereas protecting the integrity of the approach. you are going to how to make sure your app is versatile and maintainable, and the way reliable, dependent layout may help steer clear of difficulties like browser incompatibilities. alongside how it is helping you unlearn many aged coding behavior. particularly, it opens your brain to the numerous merits won by means of putting a lot of the processing within the browser. when you are an online developer who has earlier event with net applied sciences, this booklet is for you.

buy of the print publication comes with a suggestion of a unfastened PDF, ePub, and Kindle booklet from Manning. additionally on hand is all code from the publication.

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We’ve already outlined many of the theoretical advantages of Ajax. In the following section, we’ll take apart Google Maps, in order to see how the theory stacks up. 2 Google Maps Google Maps is a cross between a map viewer and a search engine. 15). 16). The search feature functions as a classic web app, refreshing the entire page, but the map itself is powered by Ajax. Clicking on individual links from a hotel search will cause additional pop-ups to be displayed on the fly, possibly even scrolling the map slightly to accommodate them.

1 summarizes these technologies and the role that each has to play. 1 The key elements of Ajax JavaScript JavaScript is a general-purpose scripting language designed to be embedded inside applications. The JavaScript interpreter in a web browser allows programmatic interaction with many of the browser’s inbuilt capabilities. Ajax applications are written in JavaScript. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) CSS offers a way of defining reusable visual styles for web page elements. It offers a simple and powerful way of defining and applying visual styling consistently.

We can’t get rid of latency, but we know how to deal with it—by processing the remote calls asynchronously, right? Unfortunately for us web app developers, there’s a catch. HTTP is a requestresponse protocol. That is, the client issues a request for a document, and the server responds, either by delivering the document, saying that it can’t find it, offering an alternative location, or telling the client to use its cached copy, and so on. A request-response protocol is one-way. The client can make contact with the server, but the server cannot initiate a communication with the client.

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