Adolescent Victimization and Delinquent Behavior by Erika Harrell

By Erika Harrell

Harrell makes use of numerous waves of the nationwide adolescence Survey to degree no matter if Agnew s basic pressure concept (GST) may possibly clarify the connection among adolescent victimization and delinquency. She examines the consequences of victimization on varieties of delinquency throughout racial and gender teams. the most premise of the GST, that elevated pressure in anyone can result in elevated antisocial habit, is supported right here. Adolescent victimization, as a resource of pressure, raises antisocial habit. although, the impact of adolescent victimization delinquency did range throughout racial and gender teams.

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Horowitz and White (1987) found that conforming to gender role expectations was associated with gender-specific styles of pathological behavior. For females, conforming to expectations of femininity led to psychological distress such as depression rather than delinquent behavior. For males, conforming to the stereotypical masculine role was found to lead to more delinquent behavior. As far as racial differences are concerned, Eitle and Turner (2003) argued that African Americans are exposed to more stress (or strain) than Whites that would lead to more criminal behavior by African Americans.

1997; Harrison and Hoffman 1989; Review of Research on Victimization and Delinquency 23 Heck and Walsh 2000; Kilpatrick et al. 2000; Lewis et al. 1979; Perez 2000, 2001; Van Hasselt et al. 1992; Zingraff et al. 1994). Due to the lack of consensus in the research literature and the vague definitions of childhood and adolescence, it is up to the researcher to operationalize childhood and adolescent victimization. As such, conclusions about the effects of childhood and/or adolescent victimization on offending must be made aware of this issue.

In two empirical tests of his revision to strain theory, Agnew (1985, 1989), in attempting to see if environmental adversity had any effect on adolescent delinquency, included measures that allowed for the test of the effect of adolescent physical abuse on delinquency. Apart of his measure of environmental adversity was whether or not an adolescent had been kicked or slapped by a parent. In finding support for his claims that environmental adversity increases the likelihood of delinquent behavior, Agnew inadvertently found that adolescent abuse could possibly increase the chance of participating in later delinquent behavior.

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