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Adobe Illustrator CS2 Revealed by Chris Botello

By Chris Botello

The ebook is so easy to learn and comprehend. yet because the books is previous you cannot obtain the aiding records on the website pointed out at the e-book. do not buy this e-book get the more moderen version!!

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Double-click the Rotate Tool , type 45 in the Angle text box, then click Copy. 6. Click Object on the menu bar, point to Transform, then click Transform Again. TIP You can also access the Transform Again command by pressing [Ctrl][D] (Win) or [D] (Mac). 7. Repeat Step 6 to create a fourth ellipse using the Transform Again command. Your screen should resemble Figure 24. 8. Select the four ellipses, click Object on the menu bar, then click Group. You created an ellipse, filled and stroked it, and aligned it with the yellow square.

6. Select and move any of the inner anchor points to modify the starburst to your liking. You used the Add Anchor Points command and the Direct Selection Tool to create an original ten-point starburst from a generic five-point star. Making a direct selection marquee When you create a marquee selection with the Selection Tool, any object the marquee touches is selected in its entirety. You can also use the Direct Selection Tool to create selection marquees. A Direct Selection Tool marquee selects only the anchor points and the paths that it touches.

When you use the tool’s dialog box, the objects are transformed from their centerpoints. This can be a useful choice, because the object’s position essentially doesn’t change on the artboard or in relation to other objects. positioning a mirror perpendicular to a sheet of paper with a word written on it. The angle at which you position the mirror in relation to the word is the reflection axis. The reflection of the word in the mirror is the end result of what the Reflect Tool does. For example, text reflected across a horizontal axis would appear upside down and inverted.

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