ABC of Skin Cancer by Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

By Sajjad Rajpar, Jerry Marsden

The ABC of pores and skin melanoma is designed to spice up GP self assurance within the analysis and referral of dermis melanoma, concentrating on differential prognosis and customary pitfalls. according to the newest great guidance within the united kingdom, this publication outlines top perform administration in basic care, while additionally protecting the Australian point of view in this melanoma. Chapters on non-surgical therapy and prevention also are incorporated.

This new hugely illustrated identify within the winning ABC sequence presents a concise, authentic and functional assessment of dermis cancers and pre-cancerous lesions for common practitioners, junior medical professionals and scientific scholars.

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Bleeding and pain are features of very advanced melanomas, but also occur with irritated or excoriated benign lesions. The presence of itch does not help discriminate between melanoma and other lesions. In some cases a history is unavailable, such as for lesions on the back, and reliance must be placed on the clinical examination. Examination The commonest locations for melanoma are the legs of women and the trunk of men, although any site may be affected (Fig. 2). The static elements of the ABCDE criteria fit best with superficial spreading melanoma (SSM).

Seborrhoeic keratoses are usually ovoid and may be skin coloured, pink, light brown, dark brown, grey or black (Fig. 10). Approximately two-thirds are pigmented, two-thirds are flat and two-thirds measure > 3 mm in diameter (up to 2 or 3 cm in some cases). They usually have a stuck-on appearance, and look as if they can be easily ‘peeled’ off. The surface is typically soft and crumbly. Flat lesions have a dull matt surface and characteristically increased skin lines. Lesions may become irritated and inflamed, sometimes for several weeks, but will settle with topical antiseptics and dressings.

There is an erythematous nodule with a central keratin plug which is indistinguishable from a well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Initial management Rare clinical types Verrucous SCC resembles viral warts. They may occur on the soles, around nails and in the anogenital region. Although uncommon, this diagnosis should be considered in non-resolving and atypical warts in those > 40 years old. Once the diagnosis of SCC is suspected, the regional lymph nodes should be palpated for metastases and the rest of the skin should be examined for other skin malignancies.

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