A Synopsis of Respiratory Diseases by J. Smart (Auth.)

By J. Smart (Auth.)

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Both virulent to guinea-pigs. 3. D I S T R I B U T I O N . — C a t t l e : always bovine bacillus. M a n : both types. 4. T R A N S M U T A T I O N . — N o proof that bovine changes to human type in the body. C O N C L U S I O N S : (1) Infection in phthisis is of human origin, with rare exceptions; (2) Primary abdominal disease and cervical adenitis are predominantly bovine. , in butter (Rabinowitch's bacillus), in milk, hay (Timothy-grass bacillus); m a y cause local lesions on injection. Also, in animals, Johne's bacillus (chronic bovine pseudotuberculous enteritis).

Often diagnosed as influenza. 2. C O U G H . — N o t yielding to treatment. Expectoration important: m a y be absent. 3. H A E M O P T Y S I S . — T h i s m a y be followed b y : (i) Rapid phthisis, from aspiration of infective matter; (ii) Slow development. 4. P L E U R I S Y . , friction; (iii) Pneumothorax. —Haemoptysis and pleurisy m a y precede evidence of pulmonary disease b y long periods. 5. G A S T R O - I N T E S T I N A L . — A n o r e x i a . Loss of weight. 6. A N A E M I A A N D D E B I L I T Y ; A M E N O R R H O E A .

M a y be adequate to control attack. If not controlled, adrenaline, 1-1000, b y injection should be tried, but often ineffective owing to partial resistance, in which case give aminophylline or hydrocortisone intravenously. Antihistamine drugs also useful. Depressive drugs such as morphine or heroin should not be used. —Inhalation of 'fumes' or asthma powders and asthma cigarettes should be avoided, as they contain nitrates in order to make them smoulder, which irritates bronchial mucosa. Whilst giving temporary relief, irritation gives rise to subsequent increase in mucus secretions.

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