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A Pictorial History of Western Art by Erwin Christensen

By Erwin Christensen

Stunning western graphics, with heritage

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1500 [Fig. C. H. 6 1/2 Museum ceramics [111. 37], and metalwork to our appreciation of Cretan art. Decoration from a burial jar (III. add much 33) Decorations on pottery show a development from a geometric linear style in the Early Minoan period (c. ) to a naturalistic style in the Middle Minoan III period (c. ). In this border, swimming dolphins are freely executed, as they might have been drawn by any competent artist in any period. Styles in art appear and skills develop as dictated by the opportunities and the needs of the culture; there have always been talented artists wherever conditions favorable to art existed.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Ramesses II, black granite (III. 16) Egyptian sculpture in large statues often represented kings, priests, and occasionally gods. Cult statues of gods, placed in temple sanctuaries, were small. Like reliefs, statues were meant as portraits for tombs or temples. The soul, in the form of a bird (ba, or soul bird), descended from heaven to "animate" the statue. Statues were painted over stucco, white, black, yellow, dark red, or turquoise green, even if made of the hardest nobles, 29 J 16 Ramesses II ///.

G. Gerster, Zurich ///. right of entrance. Y- is rfTi' 19 Painting, Tomb of Ramose; funeral procession from Thebes, tombs of the nobles, XVIII Dynasty, period of Ikhnaton. Copy by Mr. and Mrs. Norman de Garis Davies after the originals. ///. Metropolitan Museum of Art Funerary papyrus, Thebes (111. 20) According to Egyptian belief the deceased had to pass judgment by Osiris, king of the netherworld, before he was granted entrance and immortality. If he did not pass the test his soul had to roam the earth forever.

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