A Grammar of Neverver by Julie Barbour

By Julie Barbour

Neverver is an Oceanic language spoken via simply over 500 humans at the excessive island of Malekula in Vanuatu. Drawing on an intensive corpus of box recordings accumulated among 2004 and 2008, the research finds a truly fascinating phonological process with six prenasalized segments, wealthy platforms of ownership, tense/aspect/mood marking, valence swap, and verb serialization. The grammar is of curiosity to experts in Oceanic and Austronesian linguistics, in addition to to basic linguists, specially these attracted to linguistic typology.

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Lina was very supportive of my language-learning efforts and is a natural lexicographer. 2. Describing Neverver The current work is a descriptive grammar of the Neverver language based on data collected in the field, including approximately twenty hours of recorded communicative events. As far as possible, I have based the analysis on material extracted from the corpus of communicative events, using elicited material only sparingly to fill in gaps. In the analysis, I employ linguistic terminology that is in general use by Oceanic linguists.

Education, religion, and financial success are all seen as prestigious and are all associated with literacy skills in English and/or Bislama. These domains, and the skills associated with them, are likely to continue to grow in importance. 4. Emerging vernacular literacy practices 15 happens, the traditional domains in which Neverver still plays a central role may become less relevant. The larger Neverver community does not appear to be terribly concerned about the vitality of the language. While there is a general awareness that the language is in some way being eroded, this awareness has not yet translated into an articulated desire for language maintenance.

10 Introduction The language is being transmitted to children in almost all households, although there are a small number of households with young children where Bislama, or another local language, is the dominant tongue. Thus, while the absolute number of speakers is extremely small, transmission is still taking place in most households. 2. Domains of use Factors four and five of the UNESCO (2003) language vitality assessment concern domains of language use. The vitality of a language can be evaluated not only in terms of the number of domains in which it is used, but also in its capacity to make the transition into new domains.

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