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3D Modeling by Theo Zizka

By Theo Zizka

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Or, you use one object to take a bite out of the other. In SketchUp, you can do a boolean using the Outer Shell, Intersect, Union, Subtract, Trim, and Split tools. Sweep A sweep occurs when you take one shape, such as a square, and then push/pull it along a path, such as a circle. The result in this case would be a ring shape. In many 3D modeling programs, this is the best way to create new, complex shapes. SketchUp’s sweep tool is called Follow Me. 28 3d Modeling A Step Ahead Colors and Textures You have probably noticed that at first, the models you create are flat and colorless.

You might want to spice up your creations. There are tools that allow you to add colors or give an object a different texture. You can even put an image on the surface of an object. In SketchUp, you can work with colors, textures, and images using the Colors tool. 29 MAKERS as Innovators Glossary arc (AHRK) a curved line between two points axes (AK-seez) imaginary lines through the middle of an object makers (MAY-kurz) people who invent or create things pan (PAN) to move a camera over a wide area in order to display that area or follow an action polygonal (puh-LIH-guh-nuhl) made of flat shapes that each have three or more sides, such as triangles or squares radius (RAY-dee-uhs) a straight line drawn from the exact center of a circle to its edge renderings (REN-dur-ingz) pictures or videos of a computergenerated 3D model template (TEM-plit) document or pattern used to create similar documents underlying geometry (UHN-dur-lye-ing jee-AH-muh-tree) the shapes, lines, and surfaces that make up an object’s form zoom (ZOOM) to adjust a camera lens so that the thing pictured appears farther away or close 30 Find Out More Books O’Neill, Terence, and Josh Williams.

No matter what you end up doing, though, you’re sure to have a great time! A Step Ahead To make more complex models, you will need to learn some new concepts. Here are some things that might come in handy when working with SketchUp and other curve modeling software: Boolean In polygonal and curve modeling, a boolean is when you take two objects and merge them together. Or, you use one object to take a bite out of the other. In SketchUp, you can do a boolean using the Outer Shell, Intersect, Union, Subtract, Trim, and Split tools.

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